At present, intelligent transportation equipment equipped with touch interactive design, such as automatic ticket vending machine, self-service check-in machine and passenger information system, are widely used in railway stations, subway stations, passenger stations, high-speed railway stations, airports and other stations. Users can buy tickets, identify themselves, print boarding passes and passenger itinerary through simple operation. These touch interactive devices greatly promote the development of the transportation industry, enable passengers to take transportation quickly, and make the station carry out passenger transport management more scientifically and intelligently.
For the transportation industry, Jirui touch provides reliable and stable touch solutions. The product has stable touch performance, accurate and fast touch response and strong performance of waterproof, dustproof and riot prevention. It is specially used to deal with the frequent use of touch screen in the transportation industry, high use intensity, many changes in operation modes, and also needs to have a certain comprehensive and complex use of waterproof, dustproof and riot prevention. Such as airport cuss, rail transit AFC and PIs
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